ST series

Fixed side step

Load capacity:

150 kg


1.400 / 1.150 x 220 mm (length x width) 


Quick installation due to vehicle-specific brackets: approx. 30 min

Special feature:

No moving parts - maintenance-free

Fixed sidestep for Ford Custom & Ford Transit - installation time cut in half

We know that every minute counts! That's why, with the help of our partners, a design change was made to the fixed sidestep for the Ford Custom and Ford Transit.

Advantages for our customers:

Experience a significantly reduced installation time and easy mounting of the step. Place your order now!


  • The compact brackets can be attached to the vehicle within a few minutes!
  • Weight saving through size-reduced brackets with less material!
  • No more drilling! Existing mounting points are used.
  • Vehicle can easily be restored to its original condition if needed!

The step of the ST series has no moving parts – it is maintenance-free and impresses users with its non-slip surface. The open structure prevents water, snow and dirt deposits.

Find out more about this step in the following video.


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