HKL series

Rear door ladder for clamping

Load capacity:

120 kg


Robust stainless steel


Quick and easy installation without drilling

Special feature:

Can also be used with existing rear windows

The new stainless steel rear door ladder - mounted without drilling!

The new rear door ladder of the HKL series is clamped to the rear door without drilling and makes it easy to climb up to secure the load on a roof rack. Three different lengths are available and vehicle-specific mounting kits ensure quick and easy installation. In addition, the non-slip surface of the steps (R11) allows safe ascending and descending on the ladder.

With this product it is now possible to attach a rear door ladder and remove it at any time without leaving any traces!

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Robust stainless steel ladder for clamping

• Quick and easy installation without drilling

• Non-slip steps according to slip resistance class R11


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