GT series

Spring loaded rear step

Load capacity:

250 kg


Weight saving due to light-weight design


Extremely robust & sturdy

Special feature:

Can be used in many different situations

Spring loaded rear steps with obstacle protection

Hectic everyday life – sound familiar? When we think about drivers who need to complete their trips as quickly as possible, safe reversing is very important! The solution is a spring-loaded rear step. Thanks to the flexible spring mechanism in the brackets, the step retracts completely (i.e. 22 cm) when it is exposed to an, and ideally the vehicle itself is not touched. A rear step with ram protection helps here. Thanks to the spring mechanism in the step holders, the step retracts completely (i.e. 22 cm) on contact with an obstacle, and the vehicle gets away without a scratch.

P.S. The old RT series spring loaded step is no longer available and has been replaced by this improved GT series.

Why are spring loaded steps the ideal solution in many situations? Find the answer to this and other questions in the following video.


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