Serie E2 & E3

Electrical multi-step

Loading capacity:

200 kg


Aluminium step, steel frame with "zinc lamella coating"


2 widths are available:

450mm, 600mm

Special feature:

Selectable electrical mode:

"Automatic"; "Manual";

"Automatic & Manual"

AlphaDynamik electric steps series E2 & E3

AlphaDynamik is setting new standards. Our in-house products are designed to set new standards in safety, reliability and quality. For this reason, the AlphaDynamik E2 & E3 series were developed as our new solution for electrical multi-steps.



• Automatic obstacle detection - if the step hits an obstacle, it stops automatically (door must then be closed and opened again to release the step).

• The step does not retract as soon as the step is loaded with at least 15kg

• Warning buzzer warns acoustically when the step moves in and out.

• Step retracts automatically as soon as the door is closed (whether in manual or automatic mode).

• Step can easily be retracted manually in case of an emergency.

• POWER MODE: If the step is blocked (dirt, ice etc.), it can be put into "power mode" by quickly closing and opening the door twice. This causes the motor to receive a higher electrical current for a short time to remove the blockage. This is indicated acoustically and visually. Afterwards the step automatically returns to "normal mode".

• As soon as the door is closed and the step is retracted, the step goes into standby mode after 10 seconds. Here the step consumes <1mA.

• Self-protection in case of faulty electrical installation.


• CE Marking

• ECE R10 certificate

• Frame zinc lamella coating

• Slip resistance R11/V04

• Aluminium steps

• Integrated warning buzzer


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